Workshop Services

Servicing; We offer minor and major servicing for all makes and models of vehicle, and we can fine tune our servicing packages to suit your driving needs.

Checks; We can give your car a ‘once over’ and check things like oil, tyre wear, brake wear, head gasket condition, emissions, wipers, coolant levels, etc.

Brakes; It goes without saying that brakes are one of the most important aspects of motoring. Without regular servicing and inspection, even seemingly small problems like a cracked brake hose can lead to a serious incident.

Get your brakes serviced regularly. If you are dissatisfied with your cars stopping power as standard, come and see us as we can often advise on upgrades and sport packages.

Head Gaskets; The head gasket sits between the engine block and cylinder head in a regular engine. Its purpose is to ensure maximum compression and avoid leakage of coolant or engine oil into the cylinders. The integrity of this seal is critically important to the compression of the engine. We see a lot of head gasket failures at Taylor Family Services, and we offer pricing on head gasket repair that is very competitive compared to main dealers. We can also run tests to spot the early symptoms of head gasket failure. So if you are concerned, bring the car in and we will inspect.

Cam Belts; We offer a full replacement service for this vital part of your engine. If a cambelt breaks or comes off, it can cause severe damage to the car's engine, far outweighing the cost of a cambelt itself. The manufacturer of your vehicle will stipulate that the cambelt on your vehicle should be replaced once the car has travelled a certain distance or reached a certain age.

Clutches; Clutches sit between the engine and the transmission. They are perishable items and wear out just as brake pads might. This will normally cause the clutch 'biting point' to get higher and higher, and the car to seem like the power is lacking at certain rev levels when it would previously have pulled strongly. Mercifully this is usually noticeable early enough that the car is still drivable and can be booked in for a new clutch. As everybody's driving habits are different, clutch wear varies per person. If you suspect your clutch is on its way out, give us a call.

Diagnostics; We can plug into most modern cars and read fault codes stored in the vehicle's ECU. This info helps give a breakdown of any issues the car may have in the vehicles own words! It also allows our mechanics to see what has triggered engine warning lights and other dashboard alerts.

Alignment; We are set up to offer full wheel alignment services using our digital alignment system. Correct alignment can transform car handling, braking, and can help reduce tyre wear and contribute to an increase in mpg. This often overlooked service is vital to ensure that your vehicle's contact with the road is as even as stable as possible in the UK's unpredictable road conditions.

Suspension; Correctly set up suspension is key in ensuring your vehicle is as responsive and safe as it can be. We can offer repair work to existing suspension, or fit uprated or performance suspension packages to suit your budget.

Call out & Breakdown; We can provide car collection or breakdown services. Please get in touch to discuss options and terms.

What We Offer

  • General Services Diagnostics, Servicing, Repairs, MOTs, Alignment
  • Custom Builds Engines, Exhausts, Welding, Fabrication
  • Breakdown Recovery Emergency Call Out, Courtesy Vehicle
  • Modifications Engine / Gearbox Upgrades, Suspension, Brakes, Clutches
  • Race Preparation Turbos, Intercoolers, Remaps, Geometry
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